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Printed Paper Bag

Besides the boxes, we also supply the luxury printed bags which applied in Garment paper bags, Food Packaging bags, Gift Paper bags. Embossing, spot UV and hot foil stamping are available.

Paper Materials

Art paper, solid bleached board, kraft paper are commonly used to make the paper bag.

Art paper are widely used in the advertising sector, because it gives the high printing quality. The color of the original picture can be accurately reproduced on the paper bag. There are gloss art paper and matt art paper based on the finish. The solid bleached board also called ivory board, are thicker coated paper with the grammage higher than 160gsm-180gsm. It has the better printing quality than art paper, and more durable. While kraft paper bag are used when people has a high requirement for the loading bearing, and a not high requirement for the advertising effect.

Mullen Burst Test

Since the approval of corrugated board as the valid shipping materials in 1903, the corrugated boxes have played an important role in the products shipping, distribution and storage. To ensure the strength, the Mullen test, i.e., Burst Strength test, Burst test was developed.

The Mullen test is a measure of the force, or the pressure that is required to puncture or rupture the face, or wall of the corrugated board. This burst strength data is got by the Mullen tester, in pounds per square inches (200# Test, 275# Test, etc.). The most commonly used corrugated carton conforms to the 200# Test. The higher the number, the stronger the corrugated box.

Paper Grammage and Thickness

Usually the more prestigious the packaging bag, the thicker the paper. Also the grammage and thickness of the paper material have a huge impact on the bag's endurance.

Usually 157gsm (6-8pt), 210gsm (10-11pt) paper is recommended for the paper bag. And 300gsm (15-17pt) or above art pape can be used when a heavy duty packaging and carrying bag is in need.

The units to represent the paper grammage and thickness are quite confusing. People in China, Australia would like to use the grammage to measure the paper thickness, while the unit pt is used in North America. 

Rope Handle

The handle plays an important role in the bag's performance, aesthetically and functionally. With a good handle, the paper bag can be used for months to a year sometimes thanks to its amazing endurance. There are usually two types of handles are used, the grosgrain ribbon handles and the rope handles.

For rope handles, 3 types of materials are mostly used, the nylon, cotton and the paper. Among these materials, the nylon has the best durability and endurance; the cotton rope handle is the most popular handles used for the paper bag, which has the most wonderful touch in hand; and the paper rope handle can make the paper bag like a piece of great artwork with the help of the top packaging designers.

With respect to the price , the nylon usually costs more than the paper. The cotton handle is the cheapest at around one cents. Generally, the cotton rope are mostly used which has the best hand feel.

Besides, when the paper bag is particularly big, we need use the rivets to fasten the handles to the paper bag.

Paper Bag Styles

For the paper bag production, we adopt the standard bag style and use the paper bag making machine to make and print the paper bag on the flow line. Thus we can finish the mass production soon within 1 or 2 weeks even if the order quantity is tens of thousands of. Also the unit shopping bag costs is reduced too.

The first image below shows you the standard die cut line and layout for the paper bag mass production. The second picture shows you how you give us the size of the paper bag so that nothing is wrong during the mass production.

Paper Bag Finishing

The printing finish adds a luxurious quality feel, turning the ordinary paper bag into an extrodinary artwork.

The laminating makes the paper bag water-proof and more durable. With the glossy laminating, the paper bag will look very shiny, clear and eye-catching. The matte laminating gives the paper bag a very smooth and soft texture, looking more elegant and luxurious.

In the mean time, the spot UV, hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing can also be used to produce an upscale paper bag.

Every finish can have a splendid effect on the paper bag if they are used in the right context. Therefore, each finish is just different but no less at all.

Garment Paper Bag
Food Packaging Bag
Gift Paper Bag
Paper Bag Purchase Order Details

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1000 pieces.

Production Turn-around Time: Generally will take 7-15 days.

Shipping Port: Shanghai, Ningbo or any China ports.

Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Paypal

Sample Cost: USD100-150(delivery fee included).

Shipment: By sea, by air, or by courier as per your requests

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