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Printed Corrugated Box

Corrugated cardboard is a durable and sturdy material that consists of fluted sheets making it a popular choice for heavy duty packaging. FORTUNE PACKAGING brings you material stocks such white & kraft as well as a wide range of thickness from E-flute to B-flute to provide you endless options of designing custom corrugated boxes. It is widely used for shipping & subscription packaging.

Printed Corrugated Box can be made of corrugated board in different thickness from 0.9mm to 9.9mm, from single wall corrugated board to triple wall corrugated board. The corrugated printed box can be divided into the offset litho-laminated printed box and the flexographic printed corrugated box.

With the Freedom Corrugated Box solution, your ideal box design is within reach. From retail & product packaging to shipping and inserts, you can produce custom printed corrugated boxes with unlimited customization at your disposal. FORTUNE PACKAGING excels at maximizing the versatility of the corrugated material and are fully capable to shape it according to your packaging objective.

The printed corrugated box are widely used for mailer box, bottle carrier, display boxes and display stands.

Corrugated box strength test

There are mainly two methods to test the corrugated printed box strength. One is the Mullen test, the other is the Edge Crush Test.

Mullen Burst Test

Since the approval of corrugated board as the valid shipping materials in 1903, the corrugated boxes have played an important role in the products shipping, distribution and storage. To ensure the strength, the Mullen test, i.e., Burst Strength test, Burst test was developed.

The Mullen test is a measure of the force, or the pressure that is required to puncture or rupture the face, or wall of the corrugated board. This burst strength data is got by the Mullen tester, in pounds per square inches (200# Test, 275# Test, etc.). The most commonly used corrugated carton conforms to the 200# Test. The higher the number, the stronger the corrugated box.

Mullen Test
Edge Crush Test

In 1990, supply chains became increasingly automated and corrugated cartons were stacked high on pallets in the containers for sea shipping. The concerns about the box strength shifts to the stacking performance. The Burst test is very useful to estimate the resistance of a corrugated box to an internal or external impact in a rough-handling environment. However, the Mullen burst test provides no clue to the box stacking strength which is essential to the safe sea shipping and warehouse storage. Therefore, a new strength test, the Edge Crush Test was developed to provide a way to determine the "strength" of a corrugated box as it relates to stacking, or Box Compression strength (also referred to as BCT or Box Compression Test strength). And it soon got the global more widely acceptance.

Edge Crush Test is often abbreviated to ECT. It is a more efficient measure than Mullen test when stacking strength is the primary concern. It is measured by compressing a small segment of corrugated board on edge between two rigid plates perpendicular to the direction of the flutes until a peak load is established. The test result, or data is also measured in pounds per square inches and is reported as an ECT value (for example, 32 ECT).

In short, the ECT tells you how much top and bottom pressure a box can withstand before crushing. The most commonly used corrugated boxes in the industry will be 32 ECT. 200# Test and 32 ECT Test are widely accepted as interchangeable.

Usually a round, sometimes square stamp is printed on the bottom flaps of the corrugated cartons. This stamp is the Manufacturer's Certification Stamp and ensures that the manufacturer has produced a carton box that adheres to the regulations of the U.S. Commerce Commission.

Edge Crush Test
Custom Materials for the Corrugated Printed Box

A variety of linerboards and single-faced corrugated boards are available for the custom corrugated printed box.

Liner Boards

White lined Chipboard, also know as clay coated news back (CCNB), or duplex board with grey back has the excellent whiteness, brightness and smoothness for the superior the litho offset printing. Usually 250gsm white lined chipboard are used. For a better surface printing, 300gsm, 350gsm are used for the custom corrugated printed box.

Single-faced Corrugated Board

For the custom litho offset printed corrugated box, F, E, B, C, A, BC, BE flutes are available. Details are as below.

E flute corrugated board is 1.8mm in thickness. The number of flutes gives this corrugated paper the greatest crush resistance and best surface for printing. The thin profile of this board helps reduce box size and thus, storage space. The E-flute corrugated paper is typically used for cosmetic boxes and boxes for fragile items like glass and ceramic. It is also used for pizza boxes.

B flute corrugated board is 2.8mm thick. It provides a stiff, flat surface for printing and die cutting. It has good puncture resistance and is normally used by packagers as pads, partitions and other forms of inner packing.

C flute corrugated board is 3.8mm in thickness; It is the most widely used flute type, with approximately 80 percent of corrugated containers made out of this type. C-flute corrugated paper offers good crush resistance and good stacking strength.

A flute is around 4mm thick; BE flute,4.6mm; BC flute, 6.4mm; ABB flute, 9.9mm. Such boards are developed for heavier duty purpose. Double E flute board, EBE flute corrugated board are also available in our factory.

Litho Offset Printing Options

Offset Printing gives the corrugated box surface vivid pictures. All CMYK colors, pantone colors can be printed accurately on the printed box. Gradient color also. Therefore, offset printing is often used to give the corrugated box surface a gorgeous marketing picture on each side.

Corrugated box with handle
Corrugated Box Tray
Corrugated mailer
Corrugated bottle carrier
Corrugated display box
Corrugated display stand
Corrugated display stand

1.Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1000 pieces. In consideration of high cost of machine setup and shipping fees, the box unit price will be very high while the quantity below 1000 pieces.

2.Production Turn-around Time: Generally will takes 7-15 days.

3.Shipping Port: Shanghai, Ningbo or any China ports.

4.Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Paypal

5.Sample Cost: USD100-200(delivery fee included).

6.Shipment: By sea, by air, or by courier as per your requests

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