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Paper Printed Box Design

We have a great group of designers in FORTUNE PACKAGING. They have a deep understanding of the color and the printing ink. They know how to use the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to choose the most fancy safe colors. Also each of them is one of the most creative structure designers. They can create the most special box styles for your products, which are functional, economical and full of the beauty of design.

The paper box and bag designing can be divided to 2 separate processes.

  • First, our designer created the box structure layout.

  • Second, we create the color printing artwork applied on the box structure layout.

However, mostly we will follow your idea to make out the artworks.

Information Required for Box Design
  • 1. The name, size, weight, number of the product that will be packed in the box. The sample product is preferred.

  • 2. The box style you would like have for the box. Pictures and similar samples are preferred.

  • 3. The paper material, the thickness, the strength

  • 4. Texts you would like to print on the box, and what's the marketing point?

  • 5. For the color printing, what kinds of feeling would you like the box to say to your potential customers?

  • 6. Other details that matters.

Most Popular Paper Box Styles

Double locked wall lid

Double locked wall lid boxes are used to package heavy items. These boxes are made with sturdy materials that can also be cut into any sizes. They also have additional flaps, which extends from the front wall upward at an angle of 90 degrees. These boxes are also from the non-glued style of packaging boxes where items are shipped flat. They are also unique in their design. However, both walls on the sides and front of these boxes are doubled with extended flaps, which also meet with the bottom of the box, which makes it a three-sided foot box. Double locked wall lid will safeguard your products from any potential damage. These boxes can withstand any form of abrasion, and they can be used to add more value to your business.

Double wall tuck front

Double wall tuck front boxes are very convenient to use and easily assembled. They serve in for a variety of purposes due to their malleable nature. The lid and tray of these boxes is not glued and the side panels are rolled out from the tray to give the box its structured shape.

Double wall tuck front boxes are manufactured with the application of latest state of the art crafting techniques, they come with dust flaps and cherry locks which make them extra efficient and durable in utility. The front panel of these boxes is extended and two cherry locks are provided at both its sides so that they lock into a perfect front tuck, thus making your product absolutely safe and secured inside the box. The consumption of these boxes is not limited to any particular product or item but pertaining to their structural benefits they are considered to be most suitable and appropriate packaging solution for heavy items. They can be custom printed in all shapes and sizes and can serve up to be the most effective branding and packaging tool for your products and organization.

Double wall tuck top

Double wall tuck top boxes are considered to be an ideal packaging solution for products that demand their packaging not to touch them closely from the top and sides and yet be safe and preserving enough to protect them against any damages and harms that might get caused during the shipping handling, stacking and displaying of the products. These boxes are ideal for the packaging of cakes, pastries, sandwiches and other such food items that are decorated and fragile from the top.

The top and lower trays of these boxes are not glued. The top tray is extended into three lock flaps that efficiently get folded and tucked in right till the base of the lower tray to ensure efficient locking of the box. These boxes provide an excellent display to the products packaged inside of them since a clear vinyl window panel can be easily placed on their top tray.

Double wall with display lid

Double wall with display lid box style is particularly for the sales conscious manufacturers. These boxes are well known to initiate sales based on urge since they display the products so exquisitely and beautifully that the buyers are at times compelled to buy the product displayed in these boxes even if they do not necessarily need or require it.

The top lid of these boxes is folded back to provide a sort of semi shaded place for the products to be displayed openly. They can be printed efficiently on both the side walls as well thus providing extra space to their manufacturers for publicity and branding of their respective products and name.

Five panel hanger

Five panel hanger is a perfect way to gain customers attraction. They include a basic hanger tab with a die cut tab to hang the boxes. Auto lock or tuck end both styles are feasible with this option. Recommended for products that requires a good display with a custom die cut window at the front of the box.

Four corner cake box

Designed for the cake’s transportation. These boxes come with an insert to limitized the movement and damage to the items inside it. The shape of the box is made in such a way that can easily be folded to a complete flat position which allows more easy shipping.

Four corner with display lid

The Four Corner Display Lid boxes are also used for display purpose. The design is based on Four Corner tray style. The tray can be folded in a flat shape during production , This box also included a display lid which is creased from the middle which also allows the lid to fold in to half

Full flap auto bottom

These Full Flap Auto Bottom boxes are used to carry heavy weight items. The shape is similar to auto lock box but they are pre-glued. The bottom and the box its self can be folded down providing more space.

Lift off lid

Lift off lid boxes can also be called cap boxes. They are the simplest style of cardboard boxes in comparison to the highly stylized and unconventional box designs that are highly favored and utilized these days. They are extremely convenient and easy to load and unload. 

The top lid of the box or in other words the closing cap of the box is of the same shape as the box is itself. The four sides of the top lid have an extended flap that tightly slide fits on to the bottom tray thus totally closing it from all four sides. 

The basic structure of these types of packaging boxes is that of two completely separate pieces that fit in on the top and bottom of each other to formulate a perfect and ideal packaging box. The most common example of lift off lid boxes are shoe boxes.

Paper brief case

Paper briefcase boxes are unique packaging boxes, especially when customized with quality materials. These boxes are made with environmentally friendly materials, which are also very easy to cut into any shape. Our Paper briefcase is made from sturdy materials and this explains why they are durable. These boxes are suitable for keeping the documents in your office intact. It is also suitable for vacuum bag food. These boxes can also be made more appealing with a unique finishing style, and you can also choose a unique color that you want your Paper briefcases to have and we will deliver it to you right away. In addition, the process of sending gift cards to others, especially in any promotional activities has also developed with the invention of the custom Paper briefcase boxes.

Pillow box

Pillow boxes are considered to be the ideal packaging solution for the packaging of ornamental item, small objects and gift items. However, there usage and utility is not just limited to these specific genre of products only and they can be equally efficiently consumed for the packaging of heavy and larger items as well.

There is a wide range of pillow boxes that is available in all styles and sizes. Once manufactured, they are shipped out to the consumers in a flat shape. Assembling of pillow boxes is a swift and easy job and does not require any professional assistance or special expertise. After the assembling is done, these boxes do not require any sort of adhesive or tape to shut them close. The flaps of these boxes overlap each other in such an efficient way that adds up extra strength and solidity to these boxes.

Regular six corner box

Regular Six Corner Packaging boxes can be consumed and utilized for the packaging of a number of products namely food items and all other products that require a simple yet trendy and effective packaging solution. These type of boxes are pre glued and they are shipped out flat to the consumers to be re structured at the time of their application.

The re construction of these boxes does not require any technical procedure or professional assistance since they are already glued from the required sides and areas. Their re construction is just like folding them up to their original shape and structure. They can be availed in several custom shapes and sizes pertaining to your requirements and utility demands.

Reverse tuck end

Reverse tuck end packaging boxes are well known for their unique and discreet stylistic attributes. The joint of the standard reverse tuck end box is situated at the joining along the right side panel of the box at its tail end. The closing panels at the tip end and the bottom end swipe in opposite directions with the bottom getting folded and closed out at the box’s back end and the top panel folding out and closing at the front end.

These type of boxes can be assembled both by hand and by the help of automatic machines. Depending upon the amount of boxes that are to be assembled before consumption. The top of these boxes comprises a chafing lock and the bottom end is geared up with a slit lock that tucks in which makes the opening and closing of these boxes extremely neat and efficient.

Seal end

Most commonly Seal End packaging boxes are filled, assembled and sealed on automatically on a horizontal or vertical packaging machinery. At first the dust flaps of the box are closed in followed by the closure panels situated on the interior side swinging from the back panel and then at the last part the final closing panels on the outside are sealed close that swing out from the panel at the front.

These boxes are well acknowledged for their strength since they have a sticky closing at one end and opening that seals close at one end. They are quite easy to assemble manually as well and they are considered to be ideal packaging solution for the packaging of heavy items.

Seal end auto bottom

Seal end auto bottom packaging boxes are manufactured with an automatic bottom that takes up its original position and structure once the box is stretched into its shape after being shipped out flat. These type of packaging boxes are shipped out in a flat shape from the suppliers to the consumers. The top of these boxes has tuck end flaps that are equipped with double sided sealing adhesives that ensure premium sealing and security once the boxes are filled up with the specific product that they are supposed to carry within them.

Seal end auto bottom packaging boxes promise efficient product security and therefor they are considered to be ideal for the packaging of heavy items since they demand and require their packaging to be without the risk of getting split open or damaged due to their weight.

Straight tuck end

Straight tuck end packaging boxes are ideal for the packaging of products that demand a basic display panel with a relatively large in size window panel. Folds closing at the back the fine edges at both ends of the front are covered up and hidden off efficiently.

The standard straight tuck also avoids and diminishes the proximity of any objection between the window panel and the tuck which may come into existence if a reverse tuck style is to be applied on the box. These type of packaging boxes can be assembled both manually and with the help of packaging machinery.

They are simple to assemble and time saving. They are suitable for packaging heavier items as well and they can be availed in a number of customized shape and sizes.

Tuck end auto bottom

tuck end auto bottom packaging boxes are manufactured with a pre glued structure. The base of these auto bottom tuck end packaging boxes can be conveniently and easily folded into a flat shape. Once the utility of the flat shape is efficiently availed, they can be re constructed into their structural shape once the box is stretched. They offer a very convenient and secure packaging solution.

The tuck in portion of these tuck end auto bottom packaging boxes may comprise of shore locks or friction locks to maintain efficient and dependable security measures once the boxes are tucked close. These type of packaging boxes are considered to be ideal for the packaging of heavy items such as machinery and shipping purposes. Their durable structure provides extra security to the products that are packaged inside of them.

Tuck end snap bottom

Snap lock boxes where the bottom of the box is divided into three flaps or folds and the box takes its constructed position or shape once these flaps are locked in together. The side frame of the bottom flaps are designed in such a way that once they are interlocked they give the boxes a completely secure and closed bottom tray that is safe and capable to hold the weight of the respective product that is to be packaged inside of the box. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces lock into each other to form a completely assembled picture or shape. The durability and strength of these boxes is greater in comparison to tuck bottom boxes but they are a little less strong than an auto-locked bottom box. The manufacturing cost that comes on snap lock boxes is a lot less than auto lock boxes and tuck bottom boxes. The interlocked bottom flaps of these boxes give full support to the extended top flap to tuck in firmly into its place.

Printing Options

The litho offset printing and flexographic printing are available. If you need a high graphic paper box, choose the litho printing. If you need a cost-effective printed box, choose the simple flexo printing. If you want a strong corrugated printed carton, choose the litho laminating method.

Finish Options

For the printed paper box finish, varnishing, laminating, UV, spot UV, embossing, debossing and foil stamping are available. The laminating and varnishing can be glossy or matte.

Paper Box Inserts

You may need an inserts such as molded paper pulp, foam, blister, thermoformed plastic tray, PET sleeves to protect and secure the products inside. We do not produce such packaging materials ourselves, but we can introduce you some famous manufacturers in the industry in China.

Paper Material Options

The choice for the paper box is very flexible. The packaging materials used for the paper box include the SBS paperboard (ivory board), art coated paper, corrugated fiberboard, kraft paperboard, metallic paper, metalized paperboard and specialty paper. Sometimes, textiles such as suede, linen, feather, even fur are used as the wraps of the rigid setup box.

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