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Hardcover book printing

If you have the publication and layout, all the files/artworks will be sorted to printing factory for your book printing. The book can be made into soft cover book or hardcover book as you like. The hardcover book will be a little expensive than the soft cover book.

Soft cover book: Generally using 300gsm/350gsm art paper, card paper, with gloss lamination or matte lamination for the dust protections.

Hardcover book: The cover is 157gsm or around gsm paper over 2.5mm or 3mm grey board, some of the clients use the fancy paper or leather to upgrade the quality of the hardcover book. Leather hardcover is not suitable for printing, gold foil or silver foil on the leather would be more perfect.

In order to connect the hardcover and text, there should have a paper to connect the two parts together, the paper 8pp is called the end paper.

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