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Calendar Printing

Some people also called it in " Calender Printing". It mainly functions as for the convenience of people's timeline for memories.

Calendar can be printed monthly by monthly, and 12 sheets in one calendar. It can also be printed day-by-day, to print 366 pages. 

Calendar can be divided into desk calendar and wall calendar. Wiro bound is the main binding way, but some people make it saddle stitch to hold it on the wall. 

We have ever printed the VIC dog magazine, which is the fashion magazine for the pets industry. We ever have printed the machinery monthly magazine, women magazine, cosmetic magazine, cooking magazine. tourist magazine for destinations.The cover and text of the calendar is the same as the book. Cover will be 300gsm and text is usually in 150gsm. Desk calendar will be a stand to hold the calendar into wiro bound

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